Body Solid Endurance B3r Recumbent Bike

  • Body Solid Endurance B3r Recumbent Bike
    Body Solid Endurance B3r Recumbent Bike
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    Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but not everyone knows how to build a commercial quality recumbent bike that will provide a lifetime of cardio fitness. The Endurance B3R Recumbent Bike offers commercial quality features that provide you with the feel of a top-end touring bike.With DuraFirm padding providing comfortable lumbar support, a more comfortable seat than a traditional road bike and 16 levels of smoothly adjustable magnetic resistance, the Endurance B3R puts you in control of your daily ride. You're free to adjust your workouts to suit your mood, challenge your endurance or maximize your cardio benefit.The Endurance B3R's self-generating electronics provide you with the constant feedback you need to monitor your workout. Plus, with contact heart rate and advanced heart rate control programming, you'll ride smarter and more cardio-efficiently.Best of all, you'll ride quietly and conveniently in the comfort of your own home, and because a recumbent bike offers you a comfortable, non weight-bearing workout, you'll be able to extend the lengths of your chosen programs. The Endurance B3R is commercially engineered and solidly built to provide you with a lifetime of cardio fitness.Features: Extra heavy steel frame accommodates up to a 400 lb user.Commercial quality self-contained generator.Contact heart rate with advanced heart ratecontrol programming for smarter workouts.16 levels of smooth consistent magnetic resistance challenge any user..Over-sized DuraFirm back pad for maximum comfort..Lifetime WarrantyDimensions: 57"L x 21"W x 51"H.
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